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Backflow Prevention Program

The City of Shafer MN prides itself on providing its residents with a safe supply of drinking water.  To help us delivery on this goal, we are asking residents to help ensure that our water supply remain safe by installing and maintaining proper backflow prevention devices. Proper backflow prevention devices helps to eliminate contaminates from entering the public water supply.  Help keep your family and community safe by installing and maintain a backflow prevention device.

On January 23, 2016, the Minnesota Plumbing Code has adopted the national plumbing code, the 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code with Minnesota amendments.

According to the Code:

"Responsibility of the owner - The owner of the backflow prevention device is responsible for making sure the backflow device is tested upon installation and at least annually thereafter. The owner is responsible for arranging for a backflow device tester to test devices at least annually."

Any device installed within the City of Shafer MN after January 23, 2016 is required to be tested annually to ensure it is functioning properly.  Devices installed proper to January 23, 2016 are not required to be tested annually, however, it is a good idea to have them inspected and tested.

Typical locations for backflow prevention devices

Most backflow prevention devices in residential home are located in lawn irrigation systems or water lines for steam boilers. Common examples of what these devices look like can be found below:

If you have one of the above devices installed in your home, it is required to be tested and inspected annually.The results of this annual test must then be submitted to the city.  To assist in the record keeping requirement, the city has partnered with the Safe Water Commission to track and maintain the backflow records for the city.

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