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Water Tower Reconditioning & Utility Improvements Project 2022


Water Water Tower Reconditioning Project

The City of Shafer is preparing for two (2) projects related to the water distribution system. The ‘Utility Improvements” project is aimed at increasing fire flow protection to the northern areas of the City and the ‘Water Tower Reconditioning’ project provide some much-needed improvements to the water storage system. In order to implement these projects, residents can expect periodic shut downs in the water system and variable water capacity similar to annual hydrant flushing.

Beginning April 19, 2022, city residents may notice low water pressure at times during the utility improvements project. Efforts are being made to mimimize the duration of any water pressure issues.  Thank You for your patience!
Beginning Wed 7-27-22 there will be work starting on the water tower which may impede traffic in the city hall parking lot during the project, which is anticipated to run through mid-October.

Please contact city hall 651-257-4726 ext 0 or Public Works 651-257-7604 with any questions.

Thank you for your patience!


1) Project Announcement
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